• Covid Guidelines India is an evidence-informed living synthesis of evidence and recommendations to support clinical management of COVID-19, developed by a collective of senior clinicians, academics and methodologists at premier medical institutions across India.
  • These guidelines are offered in good faith, to be used at the discretion of the treating clinician and do not reflect the position of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare or any other section of the Government of India.
  • These guidelines are developed to be contextually relevant to the Indian setting, and for use by hospital-based clinicians managing patients with COVID-19 in India.
  • They are designed to be referred to online, as they will be updated periodically based on updates in the evidence. Use of downloaded or printed versions is not advisable.
  • Using these recommendations will not guarantee successful treatment in every situation. They should not be interpreted as setting a standard of care, or inclusive of all proper methods of care, nor exclusive of other methods of care.
  • Responsibility for the decision to use a treatment or management approach is with the clinician and patient. This should consider the whole situation concerning the patient, including known biological and environmental variability, and feasibility
  • Any of the persons/institutes/organisations involved in creating these recommendations shall not be held liable in case of any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or any other harm or risk arising out of or in connection with the use of these recommendations.
  • These recommendations may be shared for information dissemination, provided due acknowledgement be given to the Covid Management Guidelines India Group.